Assets of VPX Bang Energy

    Thursday, Oct 20th , 2022 at 11:00 AM US/EDT, (Live Webcast).

    Oct 21th - Nov 4th, 8am – 4pm

    20311 Sheridan St Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33332 & 7705 Staples Dr. Lithia Springs, GA 30122

  • Equipment Located In Lithia Springs, GA Facility

    New Multi-Million Dollar Distribution Line Completed Early 2019 By A Prominent K-Cup Equipment Mfg:

    Equipment Specs (Entire System was Successfully Tested & Run Only Once):

    2018 Busse/SJI Corp - Model Priority PalLL300 Case Palletizer, Serial 4243423115

    2018 Wulftec Stretch Wrapper - High Level

    Conveyorized - WCRT-175 WCRT-200

    2018 Ingersoll Rand 500 HP Air Compressor

    Approx. 1200’ Plus of Total Conveyor

    Equipment Located In Pembroke Pines, FL Facility

    Douglas Model SPS-75, Case Packer w/ Wrapper & Heat Tunnel, S/N: M-309037, New Replacement Cost Is Over $1 Million

    Posimat ACCESS N-40 Unscrambler with 75 funnels with Air Rinser in Monoblock (New In Crate)

    Complete Automated 1600 Position System with All Components

    Patterson Kelley 50 CF Twin Shell Blender, Stainless Steel, 5 HP Drive, Butterfly Valve

    PAI Model: 6252R High Level Palletizer, Complete, 3' X 3' Pallet Size

    PAI High Level Palletizer #6352R w/PAI Empty Pallet Feeder

    Gruenberg Industrial Oven, Model: T14H102, S/N: 0909000077, Temp Limit +60 Deg C Located At Pembroke Pines Facility

    SECO Model: G0276, 10' X 16' Warming Tunnel, Stainless Steel Frame With Intralox 400 Plastic Belting, Includes Heat Exchanger Package With High Pressure 150 Psi Tube & Shell Heater, Condensate Return Pump & Controls Mounted On Stainless Steel Frame

    Seco Depalletizer, Model: 4002D, S/N: 6340-487-550 High Level Bottle Depalletizer, Z-Flow Machine Set For 44"X56" Wide, Side Leading Pallet With Automatic Tier Sheet Removal & Manual Top Frame Dunnage Placement. Includes 43' Of Triple Chain Infeed Pallet Conveyor & 30' Dual Strand Discharge Conveyor, With Updated Pallet Stacker. Left Hand Operator Controls. 11'-6" Tin Line. 30' Long Discharge Bed w/ Plastic Belting

    Sentry Accumulation Table, 30' L x 6'6' W x 5' H

    Ambec 10' X 17' Bi-Directional Accumulation Table, Stainless Steel Frame With Plastic Belting, Side Drive, 51" Elevation

    Ryson Model: 04664-1 6 Tier Spiral Conveyor, S/N: 1300-400-C3, Single Feed 16" Belt, Dimensions - 68" x 160"

    2005 Ambaflex Model: SVX 2/400-1700 5-Tier Spiral Case Elevator w/ Double Wide Belt, Dual Lane Spiral With 42" Infeed & 192" Discharge, S/N: 4483-02

    CHSC Model: M-30903 Vac-Down Can Conveyor

    Sentry Full Can -T-90 Degree Diverter

    & Much More…

    By Appointment Only.

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